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Best Impression Artisanal Printing

What's "artisanal printing"?

Though centuries old, letterpress printing is experiencing a rebirth due to the marriage of digital and analog technologies. Today, almost anything that can be created on the computer can be converted to a photopolymer printing plate. That plate is then mounted on an aluminum base and inserted into an antique printing press. Using 100% cotton paper (made right here in east central Wisconsin) one hand-fed sheet at a time, the plate is inked and gently pushed into the plush paper, giving a three-dimensional effect to the print.


Who needs it?

While you might guess that wedding invitations are the most frequent use of the technology, a growing number of savvy entrepreneurs are seeing the benefits of using digital letterpress printing to create high-quality — and highly memorable — business cards.


Why go to all this trouble?

No other printing method reflects a special occasion, the unique character of artisanal items, or exceptional service like letterpress does. The quality is simply unsurpassed.



Services that hit the mark every time.


Find a great design that you like? We can adapt it for your use! Care to see a template? We have a dozen or so to choose from! Want a fully custom design? Our award-winning designers are standing by!


*adapting found design, templates, and custom design is charged by the hour.


Digital File Prep

What? Your designer friend has volunteered to dream up the best printed piece you've ever seen? Excellent! We can take their digital files (preferably Adobe Illustrator) and prepare them for letterpress. But for optimal results, please have them contact Best Impression for best practices for letterpress design.


*digital file prep carries a flat fee of $30 per color for each piece printed (single-color envelopes not included)


Letterpress, Foil Stamp

Each piece is carefully hand-fed into the press for printing; foil stamping is also done by hand and is limited to a 3.25x6.75" area.

Finishing, Shipping

Whether your printed piece is a rectangle trimmed to size, die cut to a custom shape, scored to fold, or perforated to tear off, we have the gear and know-how to get it done. Your items are then carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, boxed up, and shipped to your address. Right here in the Fox Valley? Make an appointment to pick up!


See for yourself.

A peek into our processes here at Best Impression, as filmed on-site by the Science Channel's "How It's Made."


Designing for letterpress is different that designing for offset printing. A careful balance of white space, typography, and other elements is paramount.



Each sheet of 100% cotton paper is fed carefully by hand through one of our antique Chandler & Price printing presses.



Whether your prints need to be trimmed to size on our guillotine cutter, die cut to a custom shape, scored to fold, or perforated for tear-off, we have the gear and know-how to get it done.


Let us help you make your Best Impression.

Here's the Deal…

A potential client once asked, "Price-wise, how does letterpress compare to offset?"

Our answer: it doesn't.

100% cotton paper doesn't compare to plain card stock.

Photopolymer plates don't compare to disposable offset plates.

An automated sheet-fed press can easily print over 5,000 pieces per hour; a hand-fed letterpress, only a fraction of that number.

But the quality? The texture? The beauty?

Offset can't compare.


Letterpress vs Offset

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No other printing method reflects the special nature of your event, the unique character of artisanal goods, or the exceptional quality of your service like letterpress does. That's why our clients look to Best Impression for the design and printing of their business cards, event invitations, thank you cards, holiday greetings, and other ephemera.


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